Hex To Decimal Converter, Binary to Decimal Converter & more!

Hex To Decimal Converter was created in response to a need within the programming community and general public for an easy-to-use tool for converting between number systems. We provide conversion tools for more than fifty different types of data: binary, octal, hexadecimal, roman numerals, ASCII codes and much more.

Hex to Decimal Tool

Hex to decimal conversion is easy with this powerful, precise, and fast tool. It converts hexadecimal strings into decimal numbers. The calculator even lets you convert binary, octal, or any string of ASCII characters into the real-life number format the rest of world uses!

Hex To Binary Tool

With this app it is no longer an ordeal to find out, all you need to do now is enter the binary value (0x0C) which converts to decimal (12). This app focuses on making difficult calculations easier by giving them a user interface that leaves no room for confusion. 

Decimal to Hexadecimal Tool

Decimal to Hex conversion for anyone who codes or does plenty of fractional math. The answer couldn’t be easier!

Binary to Hexadecimal Tool

It’s a tool for easy conversion from binary to hexadecimal! Converting between these formats is usually a cumbersome process, but with our application it becomes so simple – just drag and drop the text from your clipboard!

Decimal to Octal Tool

Quickly convert decimal numbers to their octal equivalent with this nifty little app. Just enter the number you want converted, and choose your options. Heck, it can even show tables of Hexadecimal conversions for specific numbers. So send an excuse to 8th grade math tomorrow; try this instead!

Decimal To Binary Tool

Millions of people struggle with converting hexadecimal to decimal on a daily basis. A new tool called bin2dec is changing that. Our super efficient algorithm can convert not only hex values, but binary values as well!

Binary to Octal Tool

It’s a tool to convert from binary to octal. We have also made it so you can go online and check out a comprehensive hexithoctal guide.